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MYSORE ASHTANGA YOGA PROGRAM WITH ELINORE BURKEAbsolute Ashtanga Beginners Workshop Jivamukti

BACK TO THE ROOTS WITH MYSORE STYLE ASHTANGA YOGA. We are very happy to be able offer a daily Ashtanga Mysore program with a Lv. 2 KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga teacher at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Mitte.

After many years of hosting the world's leading international Ashtanga teachers for workshops here in Berlin, our Mysore program was established in 2015. The program is taught by Elinore Burke in Mitte.

In line with our quest for presenting you the most qualified teachers around, Elinore is one of the few Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga teachers in Germany, let alone Berlin. With this added option for your daily yoga practice at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Mitte, we are paying tribute to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his Ashtanga yoga method who was most influential for Jivamukti Yoga co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life and the development of their Jivamukti Yoga method.

DATES+TIMES: Mysore class times at Mitte are Monday through Friday 7:00-10:00am. As Mysore style yoga is not a led group class, students may arrive for their practice at any time between 7am and 9:30am and will be individually guided and assisted through their practice by the teacher who is present in the class room from 7:00-10:00am. Please arrive early enough to be able to finish your practice by 10:00am when the class will finish. Next Jivamukti class in the room starts at 10:15am. Therefore, you have to finish your practice punctually by 10.00am and at 10:00am we will let the new students into the room, open all the windows of the room and turn on music and we cannot make any exceptions. If you want to shower, please finish your practice by 9:45 at the very latest.

PRICING: Regular Jivamukti Berlin 95min class pricing applies. 39 EUR Intro Special for new students for one month unlimited. Monthly unlimited contracts start as low as 36 EUR. Or as low as 6.75 EUR per class with our Fanta4/class packs. Single drop in 18 EUR. 10class pack 135 EUR. All class packs, contracts etc. can be used simultaneously at both our studios in Mitte and Kreuzberg and also for any other classes on our schedule.

NOTE: Ashtanga classes are cancelled on Full Moon and New Moon days.

LOCATION: Jivamukti Yoga Mitte, Brunnenstr. 29 (U8 Rosenthaler Platz/Bernauer Str)

LANGUAGE: As Mysore is taught individually one-on-one, there is hardly ever a language barrier. Elinore in Mitte teaches mainly in English but can also give individual assists in German.


Absolute Ashtanga Beginners Workshop Jivamukti

MYSORE STYLE ASHTANGA YOGA is comprised of six series of asana, each of which has a specific function in cleansing and strengthening the mind and body. The asanas are taught to and practiced by the student at one's own individual pace and assisted by a teacher, the way it is taught in Mysore, India by the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois family. As Mysore is not a led group class, students are being taught individually one-on-one . This means, the classes are open for all levels, absolute beginners and advanced students alike, who practice together in the same room at the same time with the teacher giving every one individual assists and instructions. Beginners can start to practice Ashtanga Yoga at any time of the month. The first day, new students will start learning the method of combining breath and movement (Vinyasa) via the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) and some of the fundamental standing postures and a balancing way of concluding the asana practice. As the students' capacity and experience increase with practice, they will be taught new postures accordingly starting with standing postures, followed by seated postures in Primary Series. More advanced students with an established Ashtanga yoga practice will be individually assisted, guided and corrected through their practice according to their level of experience. Asta and Dan are able to teach all the way through till the end of 4th series.



Absolute Ashtanga Beginners Workshop Jivamukti

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois studied yoga under his guru Sri Krishnamacharya and also attended the Sanskrit College of Mysore, where he became a professor of Sanskrit and Advaita Vedanta. He and Sri Krishnamacharya developed the Ashtanga Yoga vinyasa series based on the purifying practices described in the ancient texts, which they discovered. In 1948, he founded the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore. In 1958, he wrote his classic book Yoga Mala, which outlines Ashtanga Yoga and explores yoga philosophy. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived as a householder, meaning he had a wife and family. By means of his sadhana, he was able to live in the material, secular world while at the same time being free of the usual emotional ups and downs that plague ordinary people.Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught Ashtanga Yoga to Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. He taught them the power of hands-on assists in transmitting the nuances involved in the practice of asana, as well as the importance of developing and maintaining a high intention during the practice of yoga. When Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in 1993, taught for the first in New York, it was at the Jivamukti Yoga School, located at that time on 2nd Avenue. In 1999, Jivamukti Yoga co-founder David Life was made a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Absolute Ashtanga Beginners Workshop Jivamukti


Absolute Ashtanga Beginners Workshop Jivamukti

ELINORE BURKE (teaching in Mitte from Sept. 3, 2017 on) has been a student of yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2004. Early on she trained in the Bihar Yogic Tradition of Northern India at the Banaras School of Yoga and later was captivated by the strength and grace of the Ashtanga form, her daily practice since 2001. She is a Level 2 Authorized teacher from KPJAYI in Mysore, India, where she began her study with the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 2004. She returns there regularly to continue her study with his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy. Additionally she is a Yoga Therapist certified through the Yogacampus, in London, UK, and a long-time practitioner of Vipassana (Mindfulness) Meditation.

Elinore first began teaching in Berlin where she created a Mysore program at the Yoga Shala running from 2005 until 2009 when she moved to London. There she ran the Mysore program at one of the oldest yoga studios, The Life Centre, from 2011 through 2015, as well as teaching at Europe's leading yoga studio, triyoga, also in London.

For Elinore, yoga is a support to connect with the unfolding of life more fully. She teaches traditional Ashtanga Yoga as it is taught to her in Mysore and is committed to passing on this knowledge to the practitioners coming to her classes. She lovingly guides students to connect with the process of self-exploration on their mats, helping to create greater self-awareness and self-realization.

In addition to the Jois family, she has been blessed to study with Richard Freeman, Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, Dena Kingsberg, Matthew Sweeney and Christopher Titmuss. She is grateful to all the teachers who have guided her along this yogic journey.

SUN. 09:00 - 10:48 @ JIVAMUKTI MITTE
Ashtanga LED Classes at Jivamukti Yoga Kreuzberg

As our Ashtanga program is so well received, we also offer an Ashtanga Led Class (Primary series) every Sunday 9:00am at Mitte.

ASHTANGA LED CLASSES are a great supplement to your daily practice. As led classes are counted through in strict vinyasa, you have to arrive on time (at least by 8:50am) in order to be able to take the class. The teacher calls out the postures and counts the corresponding breaths thus helping the students as a group to adjust the pace of their practice to the standard vinyasa count. Led classes are a great way to create more endurance and to learn and memorize the names of the postures and their sequencing within the 1st series.



In an Ashtanga Led class, the teacher calls out the postures of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga in their order and counts the corresponding breaths thus helping the students as a group to adjust the pace of their practice to the standard vinyasa count. Led classes are a great way to create more endurance and to learn and memorize the names of the postures and their sequencing within the 1st series. NOTE: You have to arrive on time (at least by 8:50) in order to be able to take the class. Ashtanga classes are cancelled on Full Moon and New Moon days as will be indicated in our daily updated online schedule (see above).














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