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Do you offer English yoga classes at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin?
While all our certified Jivamukti Yoga teachers have been trained by Sharon Gannon und David Life and, therefore, can and regularly do teach in English, approx. 75% of our classes are normally held in German since the majority of our students speaks German.

Due to multiple inquiries from the English speaking community in Berlin and lots of international guests coming through our studios, 35 of our 125 weekly classes now are scheduled as English classes. That is more than some other yoga studios have classes in total per week.

Our English classes are marked with a red dot with a white E. on our printed schedules. In the daily updated online schedules on our website, these classes are marked with English at the end. As we have a lot of international Jivamukti guest teachers coming through Berlin, sometimes classes that are not marked as English classes on the printed schedules, are taught in English, which will be marked as English classes on the daily updated online schedules only.

Alternatively, you can attend any of our German classes and book In Class Privates (ICPs). You will then have your own yoga teacher within the class who can individually assist you during the entire class. In Class Privates also have the additional benefit that you receive specific hands on assists from your private in class instructor during the entire class and an extra long aroma massage during Savasana.

Last, you could look into booking private classes (can also be shared) which we can do entirely in English just for you by individual appointment.

Does it make sense for me to attend German classes at Jivamukti Berlin if I do not speak German well?
If you practiced yoga before, you should be able to follow a German Jivamukti Yoga class. While most of the classes are held in German, a lot of instructions especially in our Open classes are given by specific yogic terms in Sanskrit that you might already know from your earlier yoga experiences. Also, our yoga teachers give a lot of individual hands on adjustments and instructions during class and will be happy to assist you in English if you tell them before class.

If you are new to yoga and your German is not very well, we recommend to take a couple of private classes, In-Class Privates and/or English yoga classes (see above) first, so you get used to the basic structure of a Jivamukti Yoga class and the basic instructions. After that, from our experience, most non German speaking students are perfectly able to attend and follow our German yoga classes.

Attending German yoga classes while staying in Germany, for expats also has the benefit of getting to know more German people and maybe learning a bit German.

What other benefits do In-Class Privates (ICPs) have?
Jivamukti Yoga Berlin has been the first yoga center in Berlin to offer this state of the art experience in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tuning: The Jivamukti In-Class Private.

In the comfort of the hands of a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, you are guided in each and every movement during the experience of a Jivamukti Yoga class. The teacher's hands almost never seem to leave your body as they skillfully make minor or major adjustments to the physical form. Whether sitting, standing or in a vinyasa flow you are led with ease. However it is not only the physical form which benefits from this superb treatment.

Many times psychological blockages prevent us from truly experiencing the bliss of each asana. Sometimes no matter how long we practice or how hard we try, we feel that no progress is made and perhaps even feel a sense of frustration. When we feel comfortable and trust our surroundings, anxiety, fear, lack of self confidence, all disappear and major breakthroughs can occur. Through this special technique defenses and barriers are relaxed. It is as therapeutic as a full body massage, releasing stored and blocked energy which can inhibit full freedom of movement.

The result:
The best yoga class you have ever taken
Alignment corrections
Individual English instructions, hints and translations
Reduction of stress
Extreme sense of well-being
Feeling of peace
Breakthroughs in your yoga practice

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